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Salvatore Donofrio

Holistic Health Guardians / Salvatore Donofrio

Sal has been studying and practicing Natural Health Technologies since 1968 after observing the results of his lifestyle as a musician. He began by studying Macrobiotics, Herbology and alternative diets.

He attained degrees in Massage Therapy and attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Not satisfied with this direction, he studied with Naturopathic Doctors, Master Herbalists and Iridologists, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Nutrition. While studying with kinesiologists, he learned Symbiotic Energy Transformation. In New Mexico, he learned the art of darkfield microscopy and in Mexico, the HLB Blood Test.

Aligning with the Spiritual/Scientific approach of Nutripathy, he attained his Doctorate in Nutripathy and became a Doctor of Divinity. He has also been nationally certified as a Wellness and Nutritional Consultant.

He is the author of a national best seller, “YEAST CONTROL IN SEVEN DAYS”, “THE SUGAR FREE AND YEAST FREE COOKBOOK” and his latest work, “THE DIGESTIBLE DIGEST”. The articles in his “Health Guardians Newsletters” have helped many people overcome their health challenges.

He is a national lecturer and is heard across the country on public and internet radio. He maintains a private practice in addition to consulting for local medical and chiropractic physicians, psychologists, homeopaths and acupuncturists. His unique blending of scientific and traditional techniques has enabled him to serve in a special way, empowering people to take responsibility for their well being. He embodies a deep caring commitment to wellness through education.

It is my intention to enroll you in a lifestyle that supports your wellness.

“I care about your well-being on all levels: Spiritual, Mental/Emotional, and Physical. “


Nutripathic Doctor Sal D’Onofrio, DN, DD