Wellness through Education

is more than a company slogan, but a lifestyle that can be taught to any individual who is willing to learn and apply our simple but life changing methods for a healthier wellbeing.

like showing you how much nutrients your body absorbs after meals, in depth.

Our program offers an in depth look into your overall health status which includes the following services and benefits.

1.5 hr plus consulation, Same day results

Leave with a program in hand

Urine / Saliva Analysis

Includes Darfield & HLB Blood Analysis

Includes Symptom Survey & Visual Analysis

Includes Lifestyle Analysis

Basic Nutritional Consultation

30 Min Consultation

An oral personalized outline on essential nutrients and their application customized for your unique lifestyle are provided. Along with dietary suggestions regarding food choice and preparation which are geared towards streamlining digestion.

Personalized Consultation

Personalized Custom Nutrient Outline to your unique lifestyle

Dietary suggestions geared towards streamlining digestion

Darkfield Blood Analysis

Testing Kit

A drop of blood is analyzed for shape and size of white and red blood cells providing indication of your immune systems viability. This analysis also indicates vitamin and mineral levels, the presence of fungus yeast, bacteria and virus.

Check immune system viability with a single drop of blood

Provide you detailed analysis on vitamin and minteral levels

Detect precense of fungus yeast, bacteria and virus.

HLB Blood Analysis

Testing Kit

A drop of blood is provided from your fingertip, dried then analyzed.  Depnding on the shape and condition of the drop may indicate heavy metal presence, free radical activity, adrenal stress, allergies, liver toxins, fungal presence, arthritic predispositions, fourth stage cancer and excess calcium.

Blood analysis can expose the precense of heavy metals, free radical activity

also can display if there is any adrenal stress, allergies, liver toxins, fungal presence

Arthritic predispotions, fourth stage cancer and precense of excess calcium

Nutri Energy Systems Analysis

30 Minute Consultation

A nutritional analysis that determines your digestive efficiency. This is a specific computerized analysis of the sugar, salt, protein, nitrogen and pH levels of urine and saliva which indicate the percentage of food ingested that is actually digested. This analysis is done in the office with immediate results. Upon the completion of analysis a natural health program is offered on the same visit, it’s that easy!

Digital Analysis of sugar, salt, protein, nitrogen and pH levels of urine and saliva

Results provide percentage of actual food being digested

Done in office / mail with immediate results

Natural health program based on results, same day!

  • NESA Nutritional Consultation

  • $399.00

    $199 (Follow up)
  • Considerations are presented for cleansing and building the body with air, water, and food, exercise, and positive focus and supplemented with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Suggestions may be based on your NESA, Darkfield, HLB, Symptom Survey, Visual and other laboratory results. Considerations and integration with your lifestyle insures the success of your personalized program.
  • NESA Nutritional Consultation

be well.