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Holistic Health Guardians / Yeast Control in Seven Days by Sal D’onofrio

Yeast Control in Seven Days by Sal D’onofrio

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This book is written as a result of the lack of literature offering a quick, effective, safe and understandable method of dealing with the Candida problem. Most books offer three to twelve months of diet deprivation, misinformation about what can be eaten, and very little on how to deal with the digestive problems, blood sugar imbalances, parasites and concurrent allergies associated with Candidiasis (candida overgrowths).

By addressing these principles, I have been successfully helping clients control Candida overgrowths since 1984. In as little as three to seven days the first relief in years has been reported by sufferers who “have tried everything and nothing worked.” Due to biochemical individuality, different programs are offered, see Sources to address the level of tolerance of the individual. Contained are the Seven Day Program and The Seven Day Intensive Program.


For Whom This Book is Intended

This book is intended to help anyone who is interested in self healing through wellness. Wellness comes through education. It is the responsibility of the doctor/practioner to teach, and of the client to be willing to learn from all available sources. Work with a practitioner. I have written this book in layman’s language to facilitate the physician in guiding the client through the program on their return to health. I highly recommend that this program be carried out under the guidance of a qualified health professional. I do notadvise the self- educated client to attempt to deal with this problem alone. At least enroll a friend to help.


1 review for Yeast Control in Seven Days by Sal D’onofrio

  1. Linda D. Beste

    I highly recommend this book. It is the absolute authority on resolving Candidiasis. It’s easy to understand format, is helpful for the “brain fogged” patient.

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