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Holistic Health Guardians / ANGER LETTERS

These letters address the BEHAVIOR , not the person.

The person never receives these letters. These are for your personal health.

DO NOT KEEP these letters. DO NOT SEND them to the person.

SHARE these letters with a friend you have a confidential agreement with to never talk about or bring it up ( unless you choose to).

And then  BURN THEM immediately or as soon as possible. They are toxic.


(Frank or Jane)________________________(name of person whose behavior affected you)

You-Jerk. S.O.B., butthead, etc., any name calling is ok to their  behavior

Your behavior really hurt me.

Your behavior made me feel ( ignored, unloved, less than,  betrayed, abandoned etc.,etc..) [however the behavior affected you.] You do not have to journal the incident. Your subconscious knows what you are writing about.

That behavior is your stuff. I am sending it back to you so I do not have to carry it around or pass it on to those near me.

That behavior is no longer acceptable in my space. Behavior disappear, go away, crawl under a rock and die.  

I am not now, nor never have been my behavior.

I am perfect as I Be. I am a Child of God, Divinely Blessed ,Guided and Protected.