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Yeast Control in Seven Days

"Yeast Control in Seven Days" - 5th Edition

By Sal D'Onofrio, D.N., DD

New "expanded" version with, revised diet, and new products and Sources. - "YEAST CONTROL IN SEVEN DAYS", written in layman's language, is intended to help anyone who is interested in self healing through wellness. Wellness comes through education. This book is written as a result of the lack of literature offering a quick, effective, safe and understandable method of dealing with the "Candida problem." Candida is not the "problem!" The challenge deals with the digestive problems, blood sugar imbalances, parasites and concurrent allergies associated with Candidiasis.

Featured in the 5th EDITION version; FREE STARTUP,Pg 86, A Message, S.A.I.O.E, Pg. 84, SOURCES of toll free numbers for products needed for the program, Pg.73, A Seven Day meal plan, already food combined. Pg. 67, MUST AVOID LIST, Pg. 64, Directions for Dioxychlor, Pg. 62, Essential Supplements, Pg. 72, Internal Cleanse Program, Pg. 82, What's next?, Pg. 93, Infant Formula, Pg. 94, Hidden MSG List, Pg. 95, Urine/Saliva Chart.

Available as eBook only ( Fifth Edition! ) ~~ Only 12.95!!

"Yeast Control DVD"

By Sal D'Onofrio, D.N., DD

The "Yeast Control DVD", is to be used on a day by day basis with the "Yeast Control in Seven Days" book.

It is like having Dr. Sal right there with you, explaining and answering the "why" and "how to" questions.

$14.95 plus 8.50 S&H

Special Bundle - DVD & E-Book
$19.95 plus $8.50 S&H

"Yeast Control in Seven Days Cook Book"

By Sal D'Onofrio, D.N., DD

What to eat and how to cook it. A companion book for "Yeast Control in Seven Days." "YEAST CONTROL COOKBOOK" contains completely yeast free and sugar free recipes from Soup to Nuts!. What to eat and how to cook it! Any meal in the Seven Day Menu is in the Index. Look it up and cook it up! Easy and fun.

Featured in the book ; pg. 2; kitchen cooking tips, pg.3; Products to have on hand, pg. 41; tips on cleansing, pg. 43; Menus, pg. 52; Sources.

Available as eBook only - Price is $14.95

"The Digestible Digest"

By Sal D'Onofrio, D.N., DD

Digestive efficiency is the primary indicator in Health and Prevention. Learn how to use your entire digestive system as a tool for optimum health and vitality ."Stomach is Mother to All Systems of the Body." Ingestion, mastication, assimilation and elimination are all covered as an interdependent unit.

Available as eBook only - Price is $24.95